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DNA Testing Services
A personal case manager will be assigned to you, providing all the coordination needed between all parties, no matter where they reside. All DNA samples are handled, tested, and stored according to the AABB Standards for Parentage Testing to maximize the security of the samples, preventing loss, contamination, tampering, or substitution.
We are a local community business with affiliate DNA collection sites throughout the United States and countries world wide.
AABB Immigration DNA test may be required for access to the US.
Our Services provide solutions for...
  • Family determinance of Paternity, Grand Paternity, Siblings, Aunt, Uncle and Cousins.
  • Legal requirements for Immigration and Adoptions.
  • Relationship uncertainty with Infidelity.
  • Investigations requiring Forensics and Identification.
  • Personal use in Ancestry, Medical, DNA Banking, Health and Beauty.
Our Locations...
  • Main office in Metuchen NJ.
  • Mobile Collections throughout Tri-state area.
  • Collection offices throughout New Jersey.
  • Collection offices throughout New York.
  • Collection sites throughtout United States.
  • Collection sites Globally..